Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Decorating Your Home Windows

There is an old saying that the home is where the heart is. And what better way to manifest that than by decorating your home? Most people, when they think about home decoration often do a wonderful job of sprucing up all aspects. Unfortunately, for some reason, the window area is often sadly ignored. The window is not only an opening into your home, it is the harbinger of light and air. So it deserves to be treated with as much care, if not more, as the rest of the house.

One way to spruce up your windows is by making use of beautiful window shades. There are a number of varieties of window shades available in the market today and all you have to do is to choose one that matches the interiors of your house. Shades serve several purposes. They keep out the dust and the heat and make the window appear aesthetically pleasing. And when you need some breeze or light, you can simply open them up to let it stream in.

The best part about window shades is that you don't really have to break the bank in order to buy them.

Simple shares are very economical and come in a wide range of styles to suit any decor. Shades also come in a variety of materials. Inexpensive bamboo shades are not only light, but very flexible as well. Plastic shades can come in a variety of colours and can blend in with your interiors. They are washable too, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Log Home Decorating Tips

We purchased a vacation cabin a few years ago, and now spend several weeks during our winter and summer vacations hanging out in northern Michigan. The cabin is situated on a huge lot near a lake, so there are plenty of things for us to do while up there. We can go fishing, boating, water skiing, and swimming in the summer, and go snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, or play hockey in the winter. There are a variety of other families with vacation homes in the area as well, giving our kids lots of different playmates whenever we're there. No wonder everyone loves going to Michigan!
In anticipation of our next trip, I'm now looking into log home decorating tips to give the cabin a more lived-in look and feel. I didn't worry too much about dressing the place up before, because I figured we wouldn't be spending a lot of time indoors anyway.

But after making friends with the neighbors, we have been entertaining guests more often than we thought. It's kind of embarrassing to invite folks over when we barely have enough chairs to seat everyone comfortably, so it is time to institute some changes.
Since I do not have a creative bone in my body, I am lucky that there are so many places to find log home decorating ideas that have worked well for other people. For instance, I was at a bookstore the other day and saw a bunch of books and magazines dedicated specifically to log decorating. These publications featured tons of color photos of beautiful, rustic decor that would look great in our cabin, as well as ideas for accessories such as side tables, lamps, chandeliers, clocks, throw rugs, and more. 
Along with magazines and books, I've found a whole slew of websites that offer free log decorating ideas online. Again, these sites feature amazingly detailed photos that show how the items actually look in a cabin. I've just started looking for inspiration and I've already found about 10 different rooms that I want to replicate exactly in my own place. I'm not sure how I'm ever going to be able to whittle down these choices to a select few. All the wooden furniture, floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces, and luxurious leather sofas have me positively drooling for more! I better watch myself or I'm going to end up spending way too much money!
Next time we head up to our cabin, I have a feeling we're going to be hauling a trailer full of furniture and accessories along with us. After seeing just some of the log home decorating ideas that are out there, I am convinced that I can turn our plain living quarters into a cozy, comfy retreat that will be a welcome refuge after a long day of play!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Decor Lighting | Home Lighting Decor

A room's charm comes primarily from its lighting. The types and colors of lights can create different moods, for example, dim lighting typifies a romantic ambiance. And one of the best ways to create a particular ambiance and enhance the décor of your home is by using lamp shades. A simple light can be transformed into a stunning piece of home décor just by covering it with a lamp shade. These days, lamp shades are available for home décor in a vast variety of materials such as: fabric lamp shades made of rustic weaves, pleated fabrics, shantung, burlap, jute and linen; paper lamp shades made of plain as well as exotic papers, classic and translucent oiled parchments, and even eco-friendly paper. And for that uber-chic look there are lamp shades that are made of stone, porcelain, and glass. With such a plethora of varieties in lamp shades, it can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing them for your home décor, so let's have a look at some of the various options that are available in the market.Glass Lamp Shades - Glass lamp shades are graceful and elegant and are typically available in antique and classic designs, although these days, manufacturers are also incorporating modern designs to suit the contemporary home décor of today.

Some of the various styles of glass lamp shades include: reverse painted glass lamp shade; student lamp shade; ball glass lamp shade; lily or tulip glass lamp shade; reflector bowl glass lamp shade; and stained glass lamp shade. Although they can be exquisitely elegant, glass lamp shades are very fragile, a factor that must be kept in mind. Plus, it can be fairly expensive to get replacement glass lamp shades. Tiffany Style Lamp Shades - Tiffany style lamp shades have been redesigned and reproduced into practically every type of function, shape, color, animal, and flower. These lamp shades are made up of several pieces of stained glass, which are soldered together with a lead or copper border around each piece of glass. Traditionally, the pieces of glass have been shaped into patterns depicting some aspect of nature, however, these days they are made according to various art styles that range from modernistic to art nouveau. Tiffany style lamp shades are not meant to blend into the home décor, but stand out, because of their sheer dazzling beauty. A Plain-Jane lamp can be transformed into a work of art with this kind of stained glass lamp shade. Antique Lamp Shades - These lamp shades, made of satin, velvet, and silk, with braided and beaded fringes, and the corner covering made of lace, are beautifully elegant in an inimitable Victorian world style. Usually hand-made and custom-designed, the beaded lampshades made in the antique style are particularly graceful. Western Lamp Shades - Made of pig skin, deer skin, calfskin, and various other kinds of leather lamp shades, this style creates a wonderfully rustic ambiance, harking back to the old Westerns of the John Wayne days. These country lamp shades are ideal home decor for country homes, cottages, ranches, and cabins.Chandelier Lamp Shades - Pretty and dainty things, chandelier lamp shades can add a touch of dramatic distinction to any chandelier. Available in a wide range of fabrics and shapes, chandelier lamp shades can add pizzazz and glamour to any interior design. Mica Lamp Shades - These lamp shades go back to the time when electric lights were first used in the US, and they continued to be a part of the lighting fixtures right up to the 1930s. These magnificent lamp shades adorned wall scones, chandeliers, floor lamps, and table lamps. These days, mica lamp shades are available in both traditional as well as contemporary designs, in white and amber colored mica. The translucent finish that is applied to the inside of the mica lamp shades helps to soften the light further. Mica's rustic nature goes well with iron or wood lamps, which are great for the interiors of cabin or lodge style home décor. Apart from these lamp shades, there are also floor lamp shades, table lamp shades, drum lamp shades, designer lamp shades, French country lamp shades… all of which are available in various designs, colors and styles to suit a wide variety of home décor. The lady of the house, always dreams of transforming the house into a home - a home filled with love. A home full of care. A home that resonates warmth. A home that speaks of art and culture. Retro home decor style will resurface the lost treasures of the past and the golden hues you had always wanted to cherish. Here is your chance to play with colors and home furnishings to reinvent the bygone era of rock and roll, vintage and wine and fond memories and delirious moments. Retro home decor is not determined by any specific time period. On the other hand, retro home decor is your interpretation of the retro. Through the following article, let me present to you my account of retro home decor and the way I would have done it up. Live At Retro The retro, brings to mind the Beatles, Bee Gees and the bygones. The rock 'n' roll is an inevitable thought, when it comes to retro. Create a retro scene in your living room. Bring out the rolled up posters and get them framed. Let them adorn your walls, with the background of gray. On one of the side tables, get an old gramophone and play the old records, that you've preserved for so long. Keep the furniture as simple and minimalistic as possible. Preferably, go in for simple wooden furniture that will suit your retro home decor. Retro home decor lighting should be yellow and as mellow as possible. Have dark wall mounted shades for your lights to get the effect and finish your retro home decor. Dine At Retro In retrospect, the bistros in the retro times were cozy hangouts. Turn your dining area in a retro bistro, which will have a lot of wooden furniture. To begin with the retro home decor in your dining room, place the dining table, right in the center of the room with a light hanging from above. Obviously, you need to have wooden chairs for your table. Let your kitchen cabinets be rustic in style, the classic wood work will go with your dine at retro decor. Retro Nights No, I don't mean, party all night. This part of the article, will focus on your bedroom decor. Fuzzy duvets and a simple bed is all that you'll need to make your bedroom look the retro style. Teal is the best retro color for your room, again with the white upholstery and linen. Have a bedside lamp, the typical old fashioned one, with a steel shade to it. If you don't want to go for interior painting, then using wallpapers is a good idea. Element of Retro To maintain the element of retro home decor all over your house, you can do it with big clocks, posters, furniture items, linen, wallpapers, antiques and other such items which which were in vogue back in the 60's and 70's. Once again, retro home decor can have various connotations such as vintage, a mix with contemporary and other such flavors. So have the final picture in mind, before you plunge into shopping for your home. Decorating your house adds interest to life and gives your home a personal touch. Your home, after all, is an extension of your personality. Before you begin decorating, visualize the final picture and then go according to it. Break the monotony and experiment with ideas you've never done before. Don't mindlessly splurge on expensive antiques. Be bold with colors, shapes and schemes while experimenting with retro home decor to make your home a cozy nook.