Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Increase Your Bathroom Charm With the Right Lighting

It's no secret that your bathroom is the most used room in any home or apartment. Additionally, your bathroom is the one room under the most scrutiny in your home-both of those who live there as well as guests who visit. One of the easiest and most overlooked home remodeling projects that can instantly transform your home is by adding the right lighting to your bathroom. Follow these simple guidelines for installing new bathroom lighting and you'll surely impress your guests and family members alike.

Where to Begin?
Evaluate each of your bathrooms. Try to find one adjective that adequately describes the 'feeling' of the bathroom. Chances are, your bathroom screams "sterile" or "children were here", but it doesn't have to remain that way! You're one step closer to finding the perfect lighting for your room that will soften even the starkest features or messiest organization. Now consider what you want your bathroom to say. For guest and master bathrooms, you might want to aim for a soft, luxurious tone, whereas busier households might want a clean, organized look and feel.

Size Does Matter
Well, the size of the bulb in your lighting fixture does not matter, however the wattage of your bulb does matter. Why? Think about all the tasks you do in your bathroom-from brushing teeth, grooming, applying makeup and more, you cannot afford to miss a spot or walk into work with toothpaste remnants. So, you'll need the proper amount of lighting. However, you also do not want too much light-or else the bags under your eyes will haunt you for days. Experts recommend two watts per square foot of space and avoid clear bulbs, instead opting for soft white bulbs with 40 or 60 watts.

Finding the Perfect Place
Common bathroom lighting is an overhead fixture. While the overhead area certainly sheds plenty of light throughout the room, it may not be your best option. If you're tired of the traditional stark white bathroom fixtures and the functional feel of your bathroom, consider installing track lighting around your shower or bath stall. These fixtures can provide a splash of color in addition to creating a unique, refined look.

If you still want to maintain a "kid-friendly" atmosphere, make your bathroom visitors feel like Hollywood stars by installing vanity wall sconces that either lines the sides or top of your sink mirror. It is especially important to choose a soft bulb for these features so that they do not cast unwanted shadows on your face.

Shower Safely
In most cases, your bath lighting fixtures for your shower stall and tub are located overhead. If they are located directly overhead, you need to be sure that the fixture meets the requirements for wet conditions. Most recessed lighting fixtures follow these requirements, and are ideal for the shower and tub.

To add a touch of luxury, why not install a dimmer switch to the light fixture in the shower and bath area? This way, you can turn down the lights and enjoy the soft glow while soaking in the suds. To really create a posh environment, consider disguising the overhead light by installing a chandelier; this fixture will definitely leave an impression on any guest!

Neat Alternatives
If you've read these guidelines and still aren't inspired, these alternative ideas are for you! For bath aficionados, consider installing a skylight. Not only will this open up the feel of the room, but also will give you a pretty view of the sun or the stars. Ideal for busy households, censored lighting fixtures are a must. This way, any late-night visitors won't worry about leaving the light on throughout the night. If these options aren't quite 'cool' enough, let your children decorate with LED rope lighting; these lights are safe, provide ample light and get your family involved!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bedroom Furniture Sets

Personality is what a bedroom needs, no matter what sort of home you live in, where you live or who you live with. So long as you have a bedroom and freedom to decorate it yourself, you should give white walls and regular furniture a miss and find your own style. Don't imitate your brother, sister, friend or something you saw on TV, but rather, use those looks as inspiration and scout around for your perfect bedroom furniture set. Defining yourself with furniture can be quite a hard task because either everything you see screams y-o-u or you can't find anything that you can set your heart on. Some ideas here can maybe help you.

The modern and sophisticated look at its minimum is a great style if you're the sort of person who likes their room neat, clean, tidy and free from clutter. This style is a step towards a minimalist room but with more personality. Have some solid furniture in white or wood colors and invest in quite a bit of storage so nothing is seen beyond closed doors. Cupboards, shelves and a chest of drawers would do the trick. To add some character to the room, look for a potted plant you like, some paintings for the wall, a radio if you'd like some music or some books and lamps to go on your bedside table.

You could also go for the traditional style which has all the bedroom furniture pieces in wood with a touch of elegance with heavyset craftsmanship. The main appeal of this type of style would be the bed, with craved knobs, details carvings and a good mattress for that added comfort. Pick out the details of your room in accordance to your style, have a nice quilt, some big fluffy pillows and yellow lamps as well. This type of bedroom usually gives you the feel of royalty, of being the king or queen of your little world. It's a great pick for adults and very elegant as well.

If that's not your taste then go for the middle man. It's the most common bedroom style used by many which is basically the mix between the simple and sophisticated modern look and the elegance of the traditional style. It's where basic meets luxury, lines meet curves, white meets color and it's also where heavy wood goes hand in hand with sleek metal. This is a great style if you just can't decide on a theme for your bedroom because you can use almost any type of furniture and mix it up, making it truly unique and comfortable. You could have the heavy wood bed frame and add some throw pillows on it, have bookshelves in artistically carved wood up on your walls with posters of your favorite movie stars below or whatever else.