Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Luxury Home Decorating From Women's Perspective

Luxury Home DecoratingLet's face it. When we talk about home interior, then lady of the house i.e. woman of the house must get a big amount of say in it. Why?
Because she has to spend much more time in home than the men in the house. This is more true when we are talking about the luxury interior. This is the topic which is discussed not only in individual homes, but also in various places outside the homes.
Take any small party specially kitty party and you will observe that almost half of the conversation is about the interior of the house in which the party is being held. And the interior is discussed with great interest. Women really enjoy discussing various aspects of the home.
Not only that, they also do the changes very actively. In fact, men are often reluctant in doing any changes to the existing setup or arrangement. But that's not the case with the women. They are so enthusiastic about all things of their homes, including interior decoration & designing. Most women love the idea of home decorating.
And they do verbalize their ideas,too. So many tips & tricks & ideas are passed among every member present that one can simply take those and write a book about it.
Are the affluent women any different than other when it comes to luxury decor of their homes? The answer to this question is Yes & No. Yes because basics are same. That means the above discussed things are really true of any women including affluent women. Means they love talking or showing of their homes, they love to make the changes in their homes. The idea of getting rid of the old things and bringing in the new ones gets women all excited.
No - because here comes the question of investment, style & mind set. Normally luxury interior needs good amount of investment. The women who want to have the best looks for their homes spare no efforts in getting that. They are ready to spend large amount of money in getting what they want. In fact, we have seen our clients are ready to go distances - with their wives - to get some part of furniture or carpet or wall decor. So that it will make their home look complete.
These women wants to get fresh & new feelings about their homes every now & then. That's the reason home renovation is a booming business in India. We see so many clients every month who wants to get their homes renovated. And almost every time the influence is of the woman in the house behind the decision.
And I may be biased here, but I feel that women do have that knack or the sixth sense when it comes to designing their homes luxuriously.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finding the Right Luxury Home Furnishings

Luxury Home Furnishings
When one thinks of a home, they imagine a flowing and constant pattern of furniture. A house with no furniture is something one would not readily be able to call a home. If a home was a body, the furniture would be the organs; vital to the functioning of the home overall. They make a house a home, as well as creating something worth residing in. Choosing unique and gorgeous home accessories will undoubtedly fill up any void that may be found throughout the home.
There are so many options one can choose from when selecting the right furniture to be used throughout an entire household. Whether the home has just been built, or it has just been purchased, the feel of the home as a whole can drastically change. There are various tips and methods one can follow in order to find and place the perfect furniture at the right cost and in the right style which will compliment and be easily incorporated into any home. Several areas throughout a home should be a main focus for projects like this, as they are public areas and should be customized to an extent. Areas such as bedrooms are much easier to decorate as they can be personalized to the specific wants or needs of any individual residing within that room.
The Family Room
Luxury Home Furnishing
When decorating a family room, one must always remain conscious of the fact that large amounts of entertainment will happen here. Whether it is just with the family or brining guests into the home, decorating in a semi-neutral pattern is always preferable. The incorporation of sofas, arm chairs, and other lounge type furniture is always a good idea. The more relaxing the furniture the more at home guests and family members will feel, making entertainment that much easier. The fantastic thing about family rooms is that the furniture which is placed here comes in a wide variety of styles, colours, and dimensions. One is able to properly find the perfect pieces for any family room or living area.
Kitchen Accessories
It is important to incorporate the same theme throughout the kitchen as well. Whether it is the placement of gorgeous china or lacy shabby chic kitchen accessories, even the softest of touches add a great deal of depth into the area. Whether you choose a more cottage look, or even a retro pattern, transforming a kitchen with subtle accessories adds a homey touch to the area.
Bedroom Furnishings
While it is far simpler to decorate a bedroom, it is still a wise idea to get a feel for what is available. From the mattress to the window coverings, it is important to choose the right look and feel for the individual in the room. This is a personal space, so choosing whatever one wants without hesitation or the feeling of being judged by others is definitely there. Comfort is the number one priority in this particular stage is important as well!
 Home Furnishings
When scouting out the right mattress, be sure the foam is high quality and will not get ruined quickly. In regard to the frame, there are metal and wooden options. Choose brightly coloured throws, shams, and window treatments for ultimate expression. Also in the bedroom the choice of pendant lights reflect a more modern or urban feel overall. Incorporating the right coloured pendant lighting will add a chic and modern style in any home.