Monday, January 23, 2012

5 Great Home Decorating Tips

To get the most from your home decorating experience, you need to find your home decorating style. There are many different styles out there and none are really right or wrong; it's all about finding what meets your personality and preferences.

Here are some tips to help you decorate your home in a style that you will be happy and comfortable with for many years to come:

1. Theme- You may want to decide on a theme. Whether it is just for one room, a portion of the house or even the entire house, a theme will help you plan properly for what you want in your home. There are many options to choose from such as southwest décor, rustic décor, country décor, modern décor, Art deco décor, Western décor, tropical décor, happy hour décor and more.

2. Style- Your style is not the same as your theme. There are three popular styles - traditional, contemporary, and country- that most people choose from.

So you may have a contemporary tropical décor or a traditional Western décor, etc.

3. Mix it up- Don't be afraid to mix up room elements. Gone are the days when everything has to match. You can mix up old and new, store-bought and hand crafted, modern with country and more.

4. Be unique- Going with the current trend is nice and it helps guide you to what you want to do with your home décor but don't be afraid to be unique. Handcrafted items and artwork make it easy to have a unique style and feel in your home.

5. Internet- Take advantage of the opportunities that the internet provides both for getting ideas and also for purchasing home décor items.

When decorating your home, don't try to copy a magazine and don't be afraid to let out some of your own creative style and personality.

You are the one that will be living there, after all.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Decorate Home Interiors

Most people believe in making or constructing a dream home with including all the basic requirements to live in. In this most fashionable world too many are dreaming of their own home to live with their family members. A good designed home with including all necessary factors to live will make a peaceful environment to live. Although many among like to build a stylish and fashionable home to express their royalty and a sense of vanity. Home decoration means to decorate a home with stylish luxurious items like furniture, paintings, and art crafts etc. Home decorating ideas help you o decorate your home in a stylish and eye catching manner. When it comes to decorate a home it needs to decorate both the interior and exterior of the home. Anyhow many are like to decorate home interior than doing decoration on the exterior portion. In this case to decorate the home interior it is a necessary to add some stylish looking yet eye catching items to your home dcor. Including or installing furniture are a common and most following way to make attract the interiors.

While decorating home one important factor we should look first is whether your home is spacious or not. That means when decorating a home with stylish accessories it need space to occupy those otherwise it will make a more congested look which make feel you bad. So if there is less space in our home it is an important task to decorate it in such a way that you can make optimize the usage of space. So you can do the appropriate type home decoration like using small sized or less numbered furniture and other accessories. Obviously to decorate the exterior or the interior of a home the main factor is the choice of paint, paint color and painting pattern. If your home painted out in such a way that the paint color help to reflect the overall look. To choose the right type painting design and all you can seek the advice from a good interior designer or an architect.

When decorating a home interior it should need to make an idea on decorating individual rooms. To decorate each and every room it is a good choice to have different color schemes for different room. That mean in a home the centre of attraction is the living room or hall so care should be taken while designing, painting and decorating it with other accessories. Including photos, drawings and other art creations will make your home interior good. Also curtains have a major role in making a room appearance well. The selection of curtains is in such a way that the curtain color will matches or with having a combination with the paint color of the interior. The simple but important mode of decoration can make on the exterior of your home is with painting. Painting the exterior of home in a good design or attractive painting pattern and using vibrant color, quality paints which help to keep the home looks better for long years.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Home Decorating With French Style Decor

Home decorating with French style decor is a great way to rejuvenate tired rooms. The good news is that you are able to achieve the look of French country without spending a lot of money. Because the look takes advantage of older pieces, you might pick up some accents or some major elements of your design from second-hand or antique shops. Attending estate sales and country auctions is another way to find bargains without spending a fortune.

A French country kitchen usually comes to mind when you think of decorating with this theme. Kitchens are easy to redo. You are able to retain modern appliances, but add finishing touches and accessories that identify with the atmosphere of a kitchen in rural France. A pottery pitcher filled with fresh or silk flowers on a wooden cabinet is one example. Use stencils effectively to get the colors of France included in your decorating scheme.

Warm natural colors are common.

Gold and yellow from the sunshine, pastel blues from the summer skies and dark, rich reds from the wildflowers that grow in the fields are all part of the color scheme you can use in your French country kitchen and throughout your home.

Use the color in your living room that is calming and welcoming at the same time. You can add fat candles as decorative touches. Wall decorations such as metal sconces should be brass or black painted metal with graceful designs. Flowers in decorative pottery containers add to the ambiance of France. You can often find collectible items that relate to French country accessories. These small vases or figures could be placed in a shadow box or wall display case.

In your French style bedroom, stay away from silks and satins.

You can continue to use colors and fabrics that reflect a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The bedrooms should always reflect a restful mood so that you can enjoy sleeping. Try aromatic herbs and potpourri containers in bureau drawers or as decorative accents. These can be beneficial to your physical health while the colors and scents help your emotional well-being as well.

In the bathroom, you might want to use pottery soap dishes, toothbrush holders and lotion dispensers. If you use a shower curtain, use a design that incorporates your color scheme, but is not vinyl. You can always use a vinyl liner but the decorative portion should be fabric. The towel racks and toilet paper holders can all provide an atmosphere of fun. Avoid overly complex decorations and accent pieces.

If you live in a climate where outdoor living is possible, you can carry the French style onto your deck or patio. Use a multitude of large or small pots and containers in various colors placed on different levels. These containers can be filled with flowers and herbs to brighten the look of your outdoor living space. Don't be limited by traditional flowering plants either. Try tomatoes, red and orange bell peppers and yellow summer squash plants.

If you are creative, using French style decor will be easy for you. If your imagination is challenged, the Internet is a rich source of ideas and suggestions. You can combine your own preferences with ideas from others to come up with a French home decor that is unique. Boutique Provencale offer a huge range of French Style country decor accessories including Country Kitchen Pottery which will give any home and kitchen that French country style decor your after.