Friday, April 9, 2010

Primitive, Country Home Decor | Miller Run Home

As folks in early America searched for a way of life that was fruitful, they left the eastern city and went south and west. It was not necessarily money they wanted. They yearned for meaning and freedom. Shelter, called home, was of mud. To pull the family around the simple kitchen table with the light of the candle was just such a time to remember and cherish. That is why I love the primitive country décor to take me to that time of “being me,” … simplicity, unbridled fervor to make meaning of life. Since chairs were for the elite and wealthy, early American homes had benches or chest boxes on which they rested. In the latter 17th century a new idea was born that other folks could also rest in a chair. Crude chairs were made without reference to ergonomics. From Britain came the first “Windsor” chair. By the time the “Windsor” came to America, it was made from a number of different woods and was usually painted.

Of all the chair styles, the Windsor is a classic and is used with great pride in primitive country décor.

Flip the switch and a light comes on. That is a rather novel idea. Since Edison and others have worked to make lighting more advantageous, we who employ primitive country décor, enjoy finding lighting which copies old styles but uses today’s wonderful advantages. “Mood”, ambient or task lighting can now have the feel of the old with the safety and magic of today. Punched tin shades, candleabra, turned wood, metal arms, bobeches—are just a few of the words to describe what one looks for in primitive country décor. Available as reading lights, chandeliers, night lights, ambient lighting and task lighting, one can choose from numbers of choices to reflect that country relaxed feeling.

With any style of decorating, one needs something of whimsy. In primitive country décor folk art is perfect. Folk art can be serious or fun. Theorems (velvet painting), figures of many mediums, designs on fabric or rugs, wall art and many other sources may be used creatively. Your house is not emotionally your home until it feels like you. Personally, the primitive country décor makes me feel warm, cozy and myself. It may take awhile, but treat yourself to what you like and let the search bring fun and enrichment to your life.