Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shopping For Decorative Home Accents

Is a home make over in the cards? Then the easiest and simplest way to bring in novelty and liveliness would be by keeping a few decorated candle holders. The soft flickering light will make you relaxed and comfortable apart from bringing a fairy tale charm to your home and your dining experience.

Candle lit rooms would ensure a soothing experience for you after a strenuous day out. The warm and golden light of the candles would relax your senses and would brace you up to face the busy life with élan. You can opt for battery operated candle lights for outdoors or windswept patios. Candle holders are available in an exciting range of finishes and sizes so are the candles. Scented candles with herbal scents like sandal, Rose Mary and almond can be extremely soothing. You can also use ornate candle holders as center pieces or to deck up corners or fire place tops as well.

From the stunning brass finishes and the charm of wrought iron holders and the old world grace of glass votive cups, you can incorporate the old world element into the trendy interiors to give it a stunning fusion appeal.

In case you are looking for contemporary themes, go for simple, straight line design candle holders that will go well with modern décor and style.

Illuminate your room with candle holders and bring in an intriguing dramatic appeal. However make sure that you do not stuff the rooms with home décor accessories and art pieces as it will make it garish and stuffed. Use a few items of your choice at a time and you can always change the home décor items for different occasions to give your room a new look.

You can also choose a theme for your home and choose something that is refreshingly different from your culture to give it an exceptional feel. Orient themes involve huge wall mounting fans, floral decorations, floor level chairs and much more. In case you are stuck for any ideas, you can also engage a professional interior decorator who would help you in transforming your abode into a dream home.

Home décor can never be complete without decking up your well tended garden too. Lit up the garden and bring it alive with battery operated candles or flicker lights that would give it an ethereal charm at night.