Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baseball-Themed Home Decorations

Many baseball fans love a trip to the ballpark, taking an afternoon or evening to watch their favorite team, sitting in bleacher seats, talking with friends or family, maybe having a hot dog. But what about the zealot, the truly rabid fan who wants to fill their home with decor celebrating America's pastime?

This can be done.

These days, it's easier and easier to swank out a home with baseball-themed decorations. More items than ever are available, both in person and on the Internet.

Here are a few ideas for baseball decorations:

Salvaged items: Baseball has formally existed in America since the 1840s and has been professionally played since later in the same century. Countless ballparks have risen, countless ones have been demolished, and what's left now are an untold number of relics. It's not hard to find things like old ballpark seats, perhaps locked together in a row of four that can be great for patios.

They can provide a rustic feel to a home and be an excellent party quirk for friends. Truly, one baseball team's junk can be a person's treasure.

Baseball-bat stools: This is a fun one and not too difficult or expensive to pull off. All it takes is four Louisville Sluggers to serve as stool legs with a base bag on top as a cushion. For having seemingly precarious design, the apparatus is surprisingly sturdy and comfortable.

Baseball-bat benches: Same concept as the stools—bats being made from wood can be used for other things besides hitting baseballs and a little creativity and alternative construction can yield cool things. The bench is admittedly a little more expensive than the stool, requiring anywhere from six to eight bats minimum, plus other nails, bolts, and carpentry finesse

Outdoor batting cages: It used to be that sophisticated baseball practice equipment could only be used at gyms or training centers.

Now, it isn't hard at all for an enterprising parent or anyone to cordon off a portion of their backyard, erect a cage, and create their own center.

Baseball ceiling fans: Ceiling fans, by their nature are dull. They serve a simple purpose, cooling a room, maybe helping to save on energy costs, maybe providing a low, pleasant background noise at night for people trying to sleep. Beyond that, fans don't really do much and generally aren't something to be admired. However, the sports ceiling fan changes this, offering people fans monogrammed with the logos of their favorite teams. Finally, a fan has an excuse to be looked at.