Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 Best Tips for Interior Home Decoration, Home Interior Decoration

Interior house decoration for 2011 is bold and daring; it means colors galore and designs that are artistic and meaningful.

One of the first tips is to maximize the space that you have; by this it simply means using most of the available space and making every room look larger that it actually is. To make a room look wider, use lighter colored paint and chose a good focal point wherein you can put in a wall art work.

You do not need to put art works in every room. The living room and the bedrooms are great places to display those colorful art works. This is the next tip; choose artworks that reflect your personality. Do not buy paintings that you do not appreciate and will not blend with your entire interior.

Sometimes you can get nice artworks in garage sales and other bargain outlets. All you need to do is to search vigilantly and you will surely find the right pieces for your home.

One of the great trends in home interior decoration for 2011 is the bold colored furniture; they will blend well with your light colored walls. Beige walls and chestnut colored lounge; just imagine the contrast, perfect.

Another good home interior decoration idea is the installation of good lightings. If your living room ceiling is high enough for a chandelier, choose one that will compliment your interior designs. If you interior motif is very modern, an antique crystal chandelier will look out of place.

You can also opt to put wall scones instead of the usual lighting fixture on your bedrooms. Wall scones come in various designs and colors; choose the walls cones that will blend well with your furniture.

Furniture trend for 2011 is more on abstract designs and unusual materials. You can go to the extreme a be very bold and eccentric, but you need to be aware that your interior design should able to get away with it or else your house will look like something out of an auction sale; everything will be a wrong mix up.