Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home decorative materials basic requirements

xIn considering how to choose a good home decorators material, we must clearly know what we need. If you choose bad material , there’re not only affect the quality of decoration, also affect family health. Tell you some basic Decorative materials requirements following:

1. Color. material color depends on three aspects: the material spectral reflectance, viewing the material on the radio spectral composition and the spectral sensitivity of the viewer eye. So the color is not inherent in the material itself, which involves physics, physiology and psychology. Of physics, the color is light; of psychology, the color is feeling; of physiology, the color is the eye nerve and brain cells, induction of contacts. Person's mental state will reflect the color of his feelings, most people will have uncoordinated eye color combination a strong reaction, choosing the right colors and color combinations to create a better coordination of work, living environment.

Therefore, decorative materials, the color is extremely important. People can’t tell exactly the same color, so the spectrophotometer should be used to objectively and scientifically determine the color. If you want to buy some decorator arts you can go our craft stores. safty.
2. Shiny gloss, is a surface feature, in assessing the decoration materials, which is second importance follow color. Light radiation on the object, some light will be reflected. Reflected light can be scattered in all aspects of the formation of diffuse reflection, if the reflected light was focused to form parallel to the specular reflection, specular gloss reflection is produced by the main factors. So shine the light reflection is directional, it was formed in the surface of objects on the clarity of the image that reflected the intensity of light, plays a decisive role. With a color may appear dull to look bright, shiny surface, which is related. Photoelectric luster meter used to measure surface sheen.

3. the transparency, of a transparent material and light is also a related nature. Both opaque and transparent but also the perspective of the object, said body; only light and not the perspective of the object is translucent body; neither perspective can’t light the object is opaque.

4. the surface structure and geometry of the raw materials. For the differs of used in decorative materials, production processes and the different processing methods, the surface of the material features a wide variety of organizations: a detailed or rough, with a solid or loose, have flat or uneven and so, so different materials or even the same kind of material will have different textures, different textures may cause a different feeling. For plates, plate and sheet and other decorative materials, are required to have certain specifications, made of a variety of shapes, sizes, so that when assembled into a variety of fancy with the pattern. For a variety of decorative surface of the natural pattern (such as natural stone), texture (wood) or man-made patterns and designs (such as wallpaper), also have specific specifications

5. Three-dimensional shape. for the pre-floral and sculpture, decorative products has a certain three-dimensional shape.

An addition to the above requirements, decorative materials should meet the strength, water resistance, corrosion resistance, fire is not easily stained and difficult to fade, etc., to ensure that the decorative material can maintain its characteristics of long-term, all for the best decoration and your family health. Choice the best craft stores with ours.