Saturday, October 22, 2011

Decorating your Home

For years a painter was in charge of the stirring and the mixing of paint. Keeping a good supply of driers, thinners, oils and pigments. A painter would rely on his knowledge and experience to determine a correct and ample mixture of the paint depending on the nature of the project in hand. Nowadays a painter is firstly responsible for preparing the surfaces, which will be painted, this could be doing jobs like filling in holes in walls, applying masking tape to areas, which are to be protected and not painted. Painting the area then clearing up after themselves. 

Bigger companies working in the industry may have more experience and will be able to offer more expert services for customers these could be anything from, sign writing to the gilding of objects or even the refinishing of furniture pieces. 

Recently, professional painters are responsible for all the preparation prior to starting to paint.

All of the sanding, scraping, caulking, wallpaper removal and wood or even drywall repair, stain removal, patching up, filling in old nail holes or repairing defects with plaster, taping up, cleaning, priming and preparation are expected to be carried out by the painter himself. 

Professional painters need to hold a good knowledge of all the tools of the trade. They need to have a good knowledge so they know exactly how to get the best use out of them. These tools are things like scrapers, sanders, brushes, paint sprayers, paint rollers, scaffolding and ladders. They need to know all about this equipment, as these are things that are going to enable the painter to carry out his work properly.

There is a lot to consider before painting. Things such as brush and roller size, how you are going to tape areas and use dropcloth techniques.

A painter will also have to take into consideration the type of paint they are going to use and how many coats will be enough to do the job properly. Many painters have an artistic flair and also offer services for personal uses. These could be murals for the home or paintings for childrens bedrooms for example.