Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home Decor Ideas by MyReviewsNow

Home décor and lighting are often overlooked in home improvement. A simple lighting fixture can make an ordinary wall or room appear elegant and inviting. From wall sconces to ceiling lighting, home owners should focus on creating an environment that welcomes their guests. The type of lighting will depend upon the room that the home owner is decorating. 


Wall Sconces. Wall sconces are recommended for hallways, dining rooms, libraries and bathrooms. They may also be used in bedrooms as well. The lighting can be low or bright depending upon the bulb and the covering of the wall sconce. Many designers prefer sconces to traditional lighting. 


The styles of wall sconces may range from modern contemporary to traditional. The sconces may also be whimsical, ethnic or designed specifically for children's room. Wall sconces illuminate a room without being overbearing.

Designs for wall sconces will integrate with nearly any type of architectural design. 


Chandeliers and Pendants. Chandeliers are traditionally used in dining rooms and foyers. Recently, designers have updated their home decor ideas and incorporated the lighting elements in bedrooms and bathrooms as an element of surprise. When used in these areas, they often add romance, elegance or an element of whimsy. Traditionally, chandeliers may be the perfect complement to French Country décor, Southwestern décor, Asian décor, Morrocan décor and Art Deco décor. 


Pendants may often be grouped in a cluster to provide a unique architectural focal point in the room.

Pendants are typically not as elaborate as chandeliers. A simple bulb with covering at the end of an elongated element extends vertically from the ceiling. The light requirement will determine the number needed to properly illuminate a room. 


Home decor ideas have included use of pendants in lofts, children's rooms, eat-in kitchens and in bar areas. Designers have experimented with the use of pendants and have created some impressive designs with the use of a single pendant or three or more pendants in a row. 


Outdoor Lighting. Home décor ideas are not confined to the interior of the home. Home decor ideas may also extend to the exterior of the home. Designers may select post or landscaping lighting to illuminate the walk way to the home or wall lights to illuminate the area near the door. 


Post lighting is particularly popular in planned neighborhoods with strict ordinances. This lighting can add a level of uniformity, safety and create a certain design feel. Many neighborhoods with New England style homes desire post lighting. 


Nearly every home owner desires to integrate landscape lighting to illuminate the walk way. This helps to avoid accidents and also helps improve the curb appeal of the home in the evening. Landscape lighting can be an inexpensive and easy way to improve the appearance of the home. 


Wall lighting can also improve the appearance of the home. A new wall light may update the home and bring the appearance of the home into modern times. The styles are as varied as the styles of the home. From art deco to rustic, designers can find wall lighting that will truly complement the home. 


As you consider home improvement, do not forget to focus on the lighting. Some of the best home decor ideas use lighting as an artistic element in the home. Consumers should consider their lighting options as a part of their overall design idea.


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