Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home decorators with Liquid wallpaper

Home decorators with Liquid wallpaper

Home decorators - Liquid wallpaper also known as liquid paint, wallpaper, paint, wallpaper, paint or wallpaper paint, is a new concept artistic wall art full of paint, fill the wall paint, wall paint and latex paint No defect color. Not a wallpaper than wallpaper. green, with more than wallpaper excellent physical and chemical properties, through a dedicated mold, with a special material to a variety of construction techniques, you can easily create a wall in a monotonous beautiful, styles, decorative texture realistic effect, is a set of advantages in a variety of new interior decorative coatings.

There’re seven characteristics of Liquid wallpaper ( home decorators ) following:

Universally applicable material. as a new type of decorative materials, is a low-cost, ultra-luxury, high-grade, large hotels, office buildings, small to millions of households can apply multi-level multi-faceted environmental art paint.
Personalized designs. can be customized a variety of personalized designs, to the greatest extent to meet the individual needs of the market, but also for you to create a unique selling point.
Excellent physical and chemical properties. to avoid the traditional wallpaper easy to Alice, there are seams, mildew, and the second will be issued and other unfavorable factors complicated the construction, while maintaining its non-toxic, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and other new features, use the long product life, lasting ten years as new, more conducive to re-decoration.
Can be seen the new environmental protection. as the main raw material from natural shellfish bio-shell surface, is really green, environmentally friendly decorative materials.
Any deployment of color wide variety of colors, patterns free is seeking to add colorants can tune into any color.
Decoration is extremely simple and convenient. to facilitate the construction of simple construction, a school can get started, double construction can be completed in 2 hours more than a hundred square meters of wall.
Low cost of liquid wallpaper. cost per square meter in a few dollars, the market price of 30-50 RMB per square, a square meter to be ordinary wallpaper on the hundred dollars. Craft stores waiting you.