Monday, December 10, 2012


There are many options of Private Apartments for rent in Moscow, Russia.By looking at the options, we may make up our mind to move into out first apartment. We should remember that living in an apartment can become a great experience but if make a late rent payment, we will only end up damage our credit significantly. There are several considerations we have to take before making up our mind to move into our first apartment.
The first consideration is our budget. In one case, we need to set our budget first before taking a look at Moscow Apartments list for daily rentals. Somehow, it is highly advisable that the rent should not be more than thirty percent of our annual wages. What is more, we have to also consider our income after taxes and subtract our expenses as well. We must consider expenses in food, household supplies, phone, cell, car payment, parking fees, credit card bills, clothing, internet, healthcare, school, car insurance, entertainment, and many others. The second consideration is the deposits. Serviced apartment for short term rentals in Moscow near Kremlinmay also charge you to pay for a deposit. Before signing the lease, you must ensure yourself that you have a proper plan.